Saturday, August 25, 2012

DiMeo Brothers has completed the concrete curb & gutter on the north side of Bel-Air Drive. The contractor has been approved for an early start time on Saturday, August 25th starting at 7:00 AM. The contractor will begin installing asphalt surface driveways and backfilling of new curb.

It is anticipated that all driveways will be opened Monday morning, August 27th.

The contractor will begin roadway base work on Monday, August 27th. Temporary ramps at driveways will be provided on Monday and Tuesday. Starting on Wednesday, August 29th, temporary ramps will be removed to completed final grading and preparing of asphaltic paving.

No parking will be allowed in any driveway as the temporary ramps are removed during the day Wednesday through Wednesday night.  Once the paving is completed in front of you home on Thursday, you will be able to access your driveway.

Vehicles are not allowed to be parked along the Bel-Air and Clavey from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM throughout the week.

Thank you for your patience during the concrete curb & gutter installation and upcoming roadway grading and paving.